Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remove Docky icon from docky

  • Press ALT + F2
  • Type command “gconf-editor" and hit enter/return
  • Navigate to "apps/docky-2/docky/items/DockyItem" in the gconf-editor
  • Uncheck "ShowDockyItem"
  • Restart Docky

Terminal way
If you're lazy and want to do this via the terminal you can do so using the following commands.
this command will turn the icon off:
  • gconftool-2 --type Boolean --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem False
this will turn it back on:
  • gconftool-2 --type Boolean --set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem True
Remember that you will need to restart Docky to see the changes.

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