Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CD Slide-in trick to increase the speed of BSNL EVDO.

First, let me start with the CD slide-in trick:

1. Take an old CD or DVD.

[Image: th_06.jpg]

2. Connect the device:

[Image: th_03.jpg]

3. Swivel-Open the antenna of the device to about 90 degree: 

[Image: th_11-1.jpg]

4. Slide-In an Old CD or a DVD into the antenna, such that the CD’s hole will enter into the antenna.

[Image: th_04.jpg] [Image: th_05.jpg]

This completes the first method. And this will be useful to get much better signal reception for people who use a laptop and also for people who keeps thedevice static on their desktop.

Now the second method requires a USB extension cable or a USB HUB. Here you go:

1. Take an old CD or DVD and a USB extension cable/hub and slide-in the CD/DVD as I mentioned in the first method.

[Image: th_02.jpg]

2. Connect one end of the extension cable or the HUB to the EVDO data cable….

[Image: th_07.jpg]

3. ….and plug-in the device to the other end or to one of the hub’s port.

[Image: th_08.jpg]

This completes the second method and this is really useful to people who are using desktop. By doing this, one can place the device far from their desktop and can place it where they feel that the device is getting much better signal reception.

I tested by placing the device beside my room’s window, but I didn’t get good speeds, So instead, I’ve placed it on CRT monitor and it works absolutely good.

[Image: th_09.jpg] [Image: th_10.jpg]

Here ends the tutorial..

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